i feel bad asking this because i know you've been asked a million times before, but how do you get the border around the sidebar image like you did with your 11th theme? thanks so much
— Anonymous

Ahh that’s alright!

So first off, make sure your canvas is larger than your image, by going to image - canvas size, and changing it just a bit. It doesn’t really matter what size you change it to, as long as it’s both bigger in length and width. I’m not sure why, but Photoshop won’t apply expand and contractions when you’ve selected the entire canvas!


next, select the image border by pressing down the ctrl key and clicking the icon in the image palette.


now, there is an extremely fast way of teaching how to do the border through photoshop shortcut keys. i hope it’s sufficient for teaching!

  • so first, create a new layer - crtl - shift - n.
  • next, fill the new layer with black with the paint bucket tool.
  • go to select - modify contract, select 2px.
  • press ctrl i.
  • select - modify - contract, select 1px.
  • press ctrl i. 
  • select modify contract, select 1px.
  • press the delete button on your computer.
  • done! crop the image so that the transparent canvas that you added is out, and the image will have the border!